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Snickers Workwear - Latvia


Tagad varat izvēlēties savas "Snickers" darba bikses jebkādā krāsā. Padariet savu ikdienu un apkārtējo vidi gaišāku, izvēloties saulaini dzelteno, dzirkstoši sārtu vai koši zaļo. Jums noteikti pievērsīs uzmanību. Mēs apsolām!

To get your own colourful trousers, just follow our easy step-by step instructions below:

  • Go get your white painter's trousers from your closest Snickers Workwear dealer.
  • Buy your preferable colour of textile dye + dye salt in a DIY store, your local hardware store, a crafts shop or in a well-assorted super market. Make sure to pick a textile dye suitable for cotton dying. Examples of dye stuff brands are Dylon, Herdins or Nitor.
  • Read the dying instructions (on the box) carefully. Preferably use machine-wash dying.
  • Soak the trousers in water before putting them into the washing machine.

add more colour

  • Add the dye stuff into the washing machine following the dying instructions (on the box).
  • Wash out the excess dye by washing the trousers separately in 60°C.
  • Hang dry the trousers.
  • Make sure all excessive dye stuff is washed away. Set the washing machine on 95°C and run the program on an empty machine. Do this once or twice and your washing machine can be used for normal daily washings again.
  • Now wear your colourful trousers to take the world by surprise and show your true colours!

aded colourPlease note that the synthetic reinforcement fabric will remain light as it will absorb very little to none of the dye. The final result depends on the type of colour and dye stuff brand. Also the threads will remain in their original colours; grey and orange. The light contrast against the coloured main fabric will add an extra touch to your personalised trousers!

Publicēts 09 februāris 2017.

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